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Updated 07.22.14

These SALESMAN SAMPLES are some of our best deals, but please read carefully the information about the PAYMENT METHOD.

SALESMAN SAMPLE PAYMENT METHOD - For payment of the SALESMAN SAMPLES (this section only), we will be accepting personal checks, money orders, and cashiers checks ... not credit cards. I know, it's a royal pain, but that's what you have to do sometimes to get the best deal. You can use a credit card on any purchase of merchandise that comes directly out of our warehouse.

Additionally, in order to continue providing you with these great deals, all sales on the Salesman Samples must be final and non-refundable.

NOTE: In order for us to continue to offer these sales samples to you at such great prices, we need everyone to send in their payments in a timely manner. If we do not receive your payment within 7-10 days from when the order is placed, we will automatically list the item again for someone else to purchase.

PLACING ORDERS - To place an order you can give us a call at 888-908-2044. Our customer service staff will be available to take your orders from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm Central Time. Mail Checks to 4575 Highway 185, New Haven, MO 63068.

NOTE: Only items in the red CLOSE-OUT section (with the 7-digit item numbers) can be paid for with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover).

QuantityRetail PriceScout PriceSale Price
7359999Air Pad Armour XL (air pad not included)2$29.99$16.49$8
9411007Gunnison Prowler - Realtree AP13$149.99$82.49$45
9409709Binocular Accessory Pocket AP (old style)11$19.99$10.99$6
5955205Phantom Hunting Blind10$239.99$131.99$115
7711020Jagged Peak/Hybrid CE 2 Floor Saver103$32.99$18.14$10
5957405Powerhouse Hunting Blind5$299.99$164.99$140
MISCMirage Hunting Blind - slight wear on corners5$199.99$109.99$80
QuantityRetail PriceScout PriceSale Price
5174Nimbus Pants Large - Black1$89.99$36.00$35
Air Pads and Foam Mats
QuantityRetail PriceScout PriceSale Price
5323Browning Quest 25x77x2 - Sample1$89.99$49.49$32
5377Lightweight Series Air Pad Double1$219.99$120.99$77
5386Foam Mat Regular 3751$19.99$10.99$7
5161Blue Air Pad Double1$219.99$120.99$77
5163Clay Air Pad Large (38x83x2.5)1$139.99$76.99$49
5127Clay Air Pad Large (38x83x2.5)1$139.99$76.99$49
5125Clay Air Pad Regular (30x80x2.5)1$129.99$71.49$46
5290Cedar Ridge Air Pad Long1$69.99$38.49$25
5131Clay Air Pad Large (38x83x2.5)1$139.99$76.99$49
5315Cedar Ridge Air Pad Long1$69.99$38.49$25
5322Lightweight Series Air Pad Short1$49.99$27.49$18
5324Lightweight Series Air Pad Regular1$64.99$35.74$23
5326Lightweight Series Air Pad Long1$89.99$49.49$32
5331Lightweight Series Air Pad Short MC with grommets1$74.99$41.24$27
5332Lightweight Series Air Pad Regular1$64.99$35.74$23
5334Lightweight Series Air Pad Long1$89.99$49.49$32
5335Lightweight Series Air Pad Short MC1$74.99$41.24$27
5336Lightweight Series Air Pad Short MC1$74.99$41.24$27
5337Lightweight Series Air Pad Short1$49.99$27.49$18
5338Lightweight Series Air Pad Long1$89.99$49.49$32
5312Comfort Series Air Pad Short1$64.99$35.74$23
5339Lightweight Series Air Pad Regular1$64.99$35.74$23
5350Outfitter Series Air Pad Regular1$89.99$49.49$32
5353Cedar Ridge Series Air Pad Long1$69.99$38.49$25
5354Cedar Ridge Series Air Pad Long1$69.99$38.49$25
5355Cedar Ridge Series Air Pad Long1$69.99$38.49$25
5356Cedar Ridge Series Air Pad Long1$69.99$38.49$25
5359Cedar Ridge Series Air Pad Regular1$59.99$32.99$21
5360Lightweight Series Air Pad Double1$219.99$120.99$77
Sleeping Bags and Stuff Sacks
QuantityRetail PriceScout PriceSale Price
5122Browning Badger Creek 20° Rect. Poly outer - Sample1$109.99$60.49$39
5038Arrow Creek "4-in-1" Bag (+40°/+20°)1$179.99$98.99$63
5260Classic XL -25°1$169.99$93.49$60
5262Classic XL -30°1$174.99$96.24$62
5364Cedar Ridge Long Trail 20°1$79.99$43.99$28
5387ALPS Air Pad Pillow - Green1$24.99$13.74$9
OutdoorZ and Browning Air Pads
QuantityRetail PriceScout PriceSale Price
5297Browning Air Pad Seat - Sample1$24.99$13.74$9
5320Browning Series Air Pad Long - Sample1$89.99$49.49$32
5329Browning Series Air Pad Long - Sample1$89.99$49.49$32
5330Browning Series Air Pad Long - Sample1$89.99$49.49$32
OutdoorZ Packs
QuantityRetail PriceScout PriceSale Price
3148Stalker - AP1$34.99$19.24$13
5197Prospector - Xtra1$29.99$16.49$11
3072Stalker - AP1$34.99$19.24$13
5075Vista Infinity1$24.99$13.74$9
5045Dove Belt - Mossy Oak Duck Blind1$59.99$32.99$21
5241Prospector - Xtra1$29.99$16.49$11
5167Little Bear - Xtra1$59.99$32.99$21
5073Stalker - Xtra1$34.99$19.24$13
5238Dove Belt - Blades1$59.99$32.99$21
5233Big Bear - Xtra1$89.99$49.49$32
5232MatriX - Xtra1$129.99$71.49$46
5227MatriX - Xtra1$129.99$71.49$46
5215Big Bear Xtra1$89.99$49.49$32
5201MatriX - Xtra1$129.99$71.49$46
5194Huntress Xtra1$119.99$65.99$42
5266Camera Accessory Pocket - AP1$29.99$16.49$11
5211Trail Blazer - Xtra1$99.99$54.99$35
4986Vista - Infinity1$24.99$13.74$9
5114MatriX - Realtree Xtra1$129.99$71.49$46
5013Vista - Infinity1$24.99$13.74$9
5200MatriX - Realtree Xtra1$129.99$71.49$46
5234Pathfinder Max-11$119.99$65.99$42
OutdoorZ and Browning Furniture
QuantityRetail PriceScout PriceSale Price
4618Browning Directors Chair - Sample1$59.99$32.99$21
4060Browning Field Chair - AP - Sample1$84.99$46.74$30
5254Browning Woodland Chair Xtra - Sample1$54.99$30.24$20
5112Horizon Chair - MODB - without carry strap1$59.99$32.99$21
5104Browning Woodland Chair Xtra - Sample1$54.99$30.24$20
5221Rapid Shooter - AP1$29.99$16.49$11
4518Forester Xtra1$49.99$27.49$18
5273Cedar Ridge Quick Draw Stool - AP1$29.99$16.49$11
5219Cedar Ridge Quick Draw Stool1$29.99$16.49$11
5218Cedar Ridge Quick Draw Stool1$29.99$16.49$11
5217Cedar Ridge Quick Draw Stool1$29.99$16.49$11
5223Rapid Shooter - AP1$29.99$16.49$11
5222Rapid Shooter - AP1$29.99$16.49$11
4994Dual Action - Realtree MAX-41$59.99$32.99$21
5259Browning Dove Shooter - Blades - Sample1$54.99$30.24$20
5258Browning Dove Shooter - Blades - Sample1$54.99$30.24$20
5253Browning Dove Shooter - Blades - Sample1$54.99$30.24$20
5252Browning Dove Shooter - Blades - Sample1$54.99$30.24$20
5216Cedar Ridge Quick Draw Stool1$29.99$16.49$11
5393Browning Camp Chair with slight crack in cup holder - Sample1$89.99$49.49$32
Hunting Blinds
QuantityRetail PriceScout PriceSale Price
5054Browning Blind Center Support - Sample1$34.99$19.24$13
5076Browning Center Support - Sample1$34.99$19.24$13
5004Browning Center Support - Sample1$34.99$19.24$13