We still use what some people might call the "old fashioned way" of receiving orders. We accept them over the phone (by calling our toll free number: 888-908-2044), by fax (573-459-2044), or by e-mail (karen@scoutdirect.com). We surveyed the leaders on our "newsletter list" last Fall and the general consensus was that a shopping cart was not necessary. I was probably influenced by one Leader who took the time to tell me that his company added a shopping cart and then later removed it because it was too "impersonal". If enough of you think a shopping cart would be beneficial, we'll consider adding one.

While there may be ways to work around a couple of small "negatives" with shopping carts, here are 2 that we're concerned with. Sometimes troops want to pay with a troop check and the shopping carts we're familiar with only take credit cards. Secondly, we're trying to keep our and your costs down. Right now we only charge you the actual freight amount on the orders we ship. If we went to a shopping cart, we'd need to go to some type of table (probably based on the dollar amount of the order) and it would probably increase your freight cost.

So here's a review of what we currently do. As mentioned above, orders can be called in, faxed in, or e-mailed in. You can obtain a price list/order form by filling in the information on the Registering page on this site. Then you can print it out, fill it in, and fax it back or you can enter your information right in Excel and e-mail it back. Faxing and e-mailed obviously work 24/7. If you want to talk to someone in our office, our hours are 8 AM to 4:30 PM central time, Monday through Friday. For payment, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, troop or personal checks (we do wait about a week before shipment to make sure the check clears), or money orders (which can be obtained at banks, post offices, or some stores). While most leaders have preferred to call in the order and give us their payment information over the phone, we also frequently receive faxed orders with their credit card information written on it and receive voicemail orders where the ordering and payment info are left as a message. No matter what method we use, we always try to get a day time phone number in case we need to get back to you for any reason. Our mailing address is 4575 Highway 185, New Haven, MO 63068.

Let us know if you have any questions. We really are trying to make this as convenient as possible.

Note:All prices subject to change.