About Scout Direct

Welcome to ScoutDirect, a site developed exclusively to help you with your Outdoor Gear purchases. If you need packs, tents, sleeping bags, air pads, camp furniture, and flashlights for your Troop or for your personal Scout use, this is the place to get started. We've worked with a lot of Scouts to find out what they really need in gear, and the feedback we get always focuses on "quality gear at affordable prices." With that feedback, we've put together the best possible program of gear that is comfortable, easy to use, durable ... even for young Scouts! ... and equally important, easy on your wallet.

Because our prices are so good, our challenge is to convince you we have really great products. The following message is from a satisfied customer and decided to list it here because we can't say it any better ourselves.


We received the tents last week and all I can say is how impressed we have been with the quality of materials, design, and construction in the tents. We realize now that manufacturers go with smaller doors because shorter, lighter zippers are cheaper. We now realize that make the tent shorter for it's base, uses less fabric and makes the tent cheaper. We realize that smaller diameter poles are cheaper, flex more, and not nearly as nice as thicker diameter. We actually took time to read the instructions and learned we have been setting up our other domes wrong for years, I wish that manufacturer cared enough to print easy for a kid to follow directions.

Honestly, we thought a lot of what we read on your site was marketing hype, that all manufacturers, for a given price, produced basically the same tent. To our surprise and thanks, we were wrong.

YiS, Jim W., Texas